Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Reading Room: JOHO

The new issue of David Weinberger's JOHO (Journal of the Hyperlinked Organization) is available. Of particular note:
  • Why believe Wikipedia?: Simply by appearing in the Britannica, an article has credibility. But that's not true for Wikipedia because you might hit an article a moment after a loon has altered it. Yet, Wikipedia has (and deserves) credibility, in part because of its willingness to acknowledge its fallibility.
  • The end of the story (Or: The tyranny of rectangles): Journalism can't get stories right because the world doesn't fit into rectangles. Be sure to follow the link to info on Jay Rosen's and the link to Jeff Jarvis's piece on "networked journalism."
  • Bogus contest: Challenge to come up with appropriate warning stickers for traditional knowledge authorities